Chapter 1 - Sleep [Poem]
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Well, since chapter 2 is... kind of pretty far away from finishing. I thought I'll entertain anyone who liked the story so far.

The young man sleeps with a dreadful mind
More than the pain of humanity combined
His lonely protector treads the night
With nothing more than a lone white light
His haunted memories screamed at him
Leave this world and come with me! 
Alas, his protector fought his fright
Without the shining armor of prince or knight
Bravery kills and death returns
The lone protector falls back down to earth
Rotting flesh and a damaged soul
Darkness rejoice with the life they stole
Young man who knew no darkness or pain
Fell to his knees with his face blood stained
Tears fell as he kissed thee lone knight 
Thus rekindled life with morning light

Well, it's been years since I've attempted a poem. So uh. Chill with the critique, bro.

In case you haven't read the story yet, here's the link to it.

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