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Friday, October 07, 2011

Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory

The gif is supposed to symbolize joy. I thought I had to add that in as, well, he doesn't really do a good job at conveying my idea.

So yeah! I actually managed to finish the theme in a few hours.

I hope that it's pleasing!

I wanted to take a sample template and write most of the code myself. But, after looking through Blogger's template. 919 lines of code without expanding into the <DIV> tags, I decided, you know what, I'm just going to cheat through the entire process. This is using pretty much the same code, I just changed it visually. Man, hunting down for those little CSS styles is hard work.

The rest of the post is pretty boring as I'm just going to be talking about the design/code and stuffs.

So I made this template from this.

Left original,  right edted
So yeah, a pretty drastic difference. I changed the fonts and pretty much everything else.

Though, when I first design it in Photoshop it looked like this.

So yeah there's a certain difference in the colours and all. Okay I'm probably going to make the lines in the current theme a little darker. So well, I was learning to use the grid system that people have been talking about online. Honestly, it works wonders.

Grid system from
It makes creating visually pleasing templates really easy. Though it's a little troublesome at first but it's worth it. Well, I don't think I'll post up images of codes up cause honestly it's pointless, though I'm really amused by how Blogger structure it's HTML elements.

It works by having an XML sheet on top. Followed by a CSS sheet which calls upon the XML values assigned. Followed by a clusterfuck of nested DIVs tags. It's uncountable. The amount of containers and wrappers Blogger uses is just ridiculous. It's true that it makes for a very structured website. But it's really hard to edit the code directly. Still, it probably wasn't built for that in the first place.

I'll be tweaking this little by littler over time. Hopefully everyone will like this little theme I made (:

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