Fridays must always be awesome
Saturday, October 22, 2011

A great start to a buffet

Helll yeaaaaah. Went for a buffet yesterday with my classmates. Also caught a really interesting movie ^^

So this restaurant is called Kiseki, Located at Heeren, somewhere near Paragon at Orchard. The food is pretty darn good. It's better than Sakae or Seoul, at least to me. The style of the food is Japanaese, which makes it that much better.

260 Orchard Road, #B1-01 The Heeren, Singapore

You can check online for the other prices. But on weekdays, lunch timing, you can get it for $19.80 after GST and blahblah it's like 23.30. Well, true that it's not cheap for a meal, but man, it's definitely worth it. At least much more than the alternatives. 

But as with all buffets, you get board of it after awhile. Oh, the deserts are pretty good. Yeah, next time if you're thinking of where to go for a buffet, don't limit yourself to the normal choices (:

After this we watched.....

Friends with Benefits

Is this funny? Yes, very so.
Should you watch it with someone you're not close to?

Not recommended unless you're trying to get in their pants.

It could plant a really awesome, yet nasty idea in your head. Okay about the movie, I really really like the girl. I mean she's cute and all but that's not the main point, I like her voice haha! Word of advice, it's M18. So well, unless you're confident in your ninja skills, then, it's game over for you.

After this, I said,

My friend suggested that we play pool, and off we go! Of course, I insisted that we picked a place closer to my house. For 3 reasons.

  1. It's faster to get to from town.
  2. It's not as crowded
  3. It's nearer to my house.

So yeah we played till night before heading home, THEN, we decided to play games online. Till like 3am~+

I was effectively awake for 21hours, my friend was awake for, 40hours because he didn't sleep. And all of this sums up to a pretty awesome friday. Well, it's normal I guess, but I like it like that :D

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