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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

f/3.3 | 1/640" | ISO100

This is taken somewhere around Sengkang. I don't really know the exact name of the location.

So here's what happened. At 730am in the fuckin morning, my mum woke me up so that I could go cycling with her and help take pictures of her. Something about her getting old and that she wants to take as many pictures as possible before it's too late.

Being the textbook definition of filial piety, I went along with the idea begrudgingly. Come on, no one is happy to do such a retarded so early in the morning. Yes, I would reject a hot girl if she asked me, I would to tell her to go fuck herself, or, I could do the job.

Anyway, here's what a pain in the ass looks like.

f/4.0 | 1/100" | ISO100

Here's a fun fact:
You will never ever guess her age correctly.

f/3.3 | 1/640" | ISO100

To be honest, that's all the shots that I find satisfactory. The rest are, good, but not great. Because I was focused mainly on taking pictures of my mum -.- I mean, yeah there are quite a few good shots of her, but you know, I'm not really keen on the idea of plastering my blog with pictures of my mum.

Sure, I could do photos like these.

f/3.3 | 1/80" | ISO100

But flowers ain't really my favourite thing. Besides, it's really hard to do flower photography properly, so well, at least not for now!

I guess I'll close off with this

f/3.3 | 1/500" | ISO100

If you were wondering, 
"how come the fonts seem to be bigger?"
Because it is. I changed it. I read up on an article on website design and realize that, I'm willing to sacrifice looks for usability. The recommendation was that fonts should be 16px, however, since this layout isn't really designed for that, I used the max that would still make everything work nicely, 14px. I know that it may not look as "nice" or "neat", but I'm sure it makes reading a heck lot easier for you.

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