I expected too much from a compact camera
Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's almost 2am in the night/morning, there was a heavy downpour outside my window. I was feeling awake, so I thought, 

"What the hell. Let's do it!"

I borrowed a tripod from my brother and went out to make some magic. First, before I start on anything, let me just emphasize how stupid I looked using a compact camera on top of a huge ass tripod. It's not that it's wrong or anything, it just looks weird.

f/8 5" ISO100
There was other shots before this, but it looked awful as I was just fiddling around manual mode to get the right settings. Even with a tripod, it's hard getting everything focused properly when the rain and wind is beating you relentlessly.

Oh before I go on, I must STRESS that this is only experimental! 

f/8 7" ISO100

 I took many shots of the road but it's really boring so I tried to take raindrops instead. I swear, it's so damn FRICKIN HARD TO DO IT WITH A COMPACT! I tried many many settings but all failed me terribly. It was so dark that the camera did not know where to focus on! To make matters worse my max aperture is only f/3.3. So, I ended up doing manual focus and bumping the ISO all the way up to 3200.

f/3.3 1/640 ISO3200 w/Flash  (kinda fail)
f/3.3 1/640 ISO3200 no-Flash Manual

I guess you could say that it kinda worked? But with my limited sensor size there's a limit to the amount of light I could capture lol.

f/4 1/640 ISO3200 Manual
f/4 1/640 ISO3200 Manual

 If I could I would make the shutter speed even faster. Sadly the camera just couldn't make it, too little light. The lowest it could go is 1/1600, so maybe on a sunny day I'll try it out again and see how it goes!

f/5 1/20" ISO1600
f/5.6 1/50" ISO1600 Manual

Well. Overall I would say that it's pretty decent. Not good, but not bad either. But if I start thinking that this is done using a compact, then I would say that the results are pretty amazing.

It's certainly not impossible to produce great shots with this camera. I'm just not good enough yet =/

Let's hope that it rains on a sunny day and I'll be able to test it out again :D
p.s. the manual that I put under the caption means manual focus. I was in manual mode the whole time.

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