Midnight in Paris
Friday, October 14, 2011

Is this good? HELL YES.
Should you watch it? NOPE.

There's a variety of reason for it. But first, let me convince you that it is good.

As you can see, it has a really really high rating.

HOWEVER, this is highly, like, fucking highly historical. Not in the ancient history or some weird era. But you need to be fairly well versed with the famous people in the 1900s. And some in the 1800s.

If you don't even know who Pablo Picasso, T.S. Eliot or Salvador DalĂ­ is, you probably shouldn't be watching this. Even the great and awesome me only recognize about half or less of them. Because well, I was never really into books, so I didn't really know many great writers. Though, I have no idea how I even know any of them.

Nevertheless, even if you don't know any of them. It still doesn't make for a bad movie. It will just be better by leaps and bounds if you know your stuff.

I feel like reading up on all the characters and rewatching it again. It is a really romantic show. Not so much of a comedy. But I've always liked the 18s and 19s, I like the vibe I get from it, so I enjoyed the entire movie thoroughly.

Anyway, I was out with P and M and met S on the way back. It was, well, a little weird here and there but all the quirks and kinks got ironed out after awhile. It was pretty fun. Blah blah blah, should probably start catching up with everyone. Sadly, school's starting next week. My posts are probably going to get a lot more boring from now on!

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