Real Steel is a pretty good movie
Saturday, October 08, 2011

Just watched this with my gay friday gang. No, I don't mean it literally. Wait, I mean I literally watched it, but they're not gay. Sorry for the confusion.

Moving on,

"This is a pretty good movie."

I won't say that it's great, but it's good.

It is essentially just humans controlling robots for boxing. The fighting and all is great. The storyline is also pretty solid, except that it's cliche. You could more or less predict the story from about... 5mins in. I'm serious!

Still, it doesn't make it bad in anyway. In fact, being good even though it's so damn cliche is pretty amazing in itself. The soundtrack is awesome, you feel the awesomeness of the robot in all of the fights.

That's... about it! There is nothing really memorable about it. It's just a pretty good one.

I would give it a 7/10 and IMBD gave it a 6.9/10 so I'll say that we're pretty close! So yeah, go catch it if you're looking for a movie. Cause honestly there's nothing else interesting that's airing right now.

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