This is why maturity sucks
Monday, October 10, 2011

I shall not do _____ cause it's immature.

I'm sure that's one line we're all familiar with. Unless you're an immature, selfish and childish asshole who goes around pissing everyone off. This goes without saying that I'm writing this for matured people, so if you're a 10 year old kid or younger, piss off. Again, I'm just being immature by saying that.

Here's 3 reasons why maturity sucks.

  1. It stops you from doing what you want to do.
  2. It makes you get annoyed at people who haven't attain your level of enlightenment.
  3. It makes no sense when you really think about it. 

1. It stops you from doing what you want to do.
Maturity in a way, is the ability to think of the consequences of your actions. We would all love to pick up that delicious plate of food and throw it in some stranger's face, just for the fun of it. But we can't, you know you'll get into deep shit and probably be beaten beyond recognition.

Sometimes when someone annoys you, you'll want to scream your head off at that person, and curse them to their graves. Oh but we don't! Only a kid does something like that. Only those fucking little kids online that I play with, will whine and cry about how much of a "hacker" I am. I'm sorry for having superior skills, I really am. 

You get my point.

2. It makes you get annoyed at people who haven't attain your level of enlightenment.
This is pretty obvious. Some people just makes you want to tear your hair out. Let me recite a few lines to jolt your old weary memory.

"Dude, fuck, stop it, you're annoying."
"Stop being such a kid, dick."
"... why would you do that?!"
"What the fuck's wrong with you?"

Of course, sometimes maturity has nothing to do with them. They're just being a dick. Still, you could say that it's immature and childish to act like a dick. So the point still stands.

3. It makes no sense when you really think about it.
Maturity is more or less about acting less to your feelings and doing what's right/good. It's about being the greater man and not being an annoying bastard.

Hence, being matured is to be in control of your feelings, and do things that is for the greater good for you and the people around you.

Or as I would put it.

Being logical.

Isn't it true? Being logical is to do things with a justified reason. Where you can say, I did this because of this. I don't see how I'm wrong. The difference between logical and emotional when you hit another guy is this.

Logical: I'M HITTING YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF SO BADLY. (and I know that I can beat you any day)

 A logical person will always be straight forward and true to himself because he act directly on facts. They are willing to admit to their mistakes as, well, it is a mistake. There's always a reason for everything.

I probably wouldn't call myself mature, but I am logical.

Maybe too logical. I've had long talks with friends about some really deep stuff that relate to the nature of humanity itself. People have said that I might be too logical, and not human enough.

You see, people don't seem to like calculated decisions. Reason being that everyone makes decisions based on feelings one way or another. It makes another person an alien, an odd ball when he does everything logically.

Which made me realize something. Maturity isn't all about being logical. It's a fine art of balancing between logical and emotional. Things like, whether you should let something go or not, or if something is worth holding on to or not. These are things that cannot be answered with just emotions or logic.

It's the ability to differentiate your needs from your wants.


I hate being logical, I hate being matured, I hate not being able to do what I want to do.
I want to act spoilt. I want to be pampered. I want to be the king of my own little world.

It's like, as you grow up, more and more chains bind you, holding your body down from doing what it wants to do. It's like the older you get, the less acceptable your actions become in society.

This is why maturity sucks. 
It sucks because it is needed. 
It's like a colonoscopy, literally a pain in the ass, but you know you need to have it someday. 

p.s. I always write he instead of he/she because it's a pain and you guys get it anyway.

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