Tuesdays kill me, very efficiently
Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yes, I feel as tired as that cat. And yes, I'm cuter than the cat.

I had my first go at a 9hour non-stop timetable. It was ridiculous, but I managed to get breaks between, allowing me to have my breakfast and even lunch! That is just, awesome, like frickin awesome awesome. I was like so afraid that I will be starving. Then again, I guess that the lessons are slack enough for me to slip out for a quick bite.

The last lesson is math. And we were greeted by a rather stupid introduction.
It went something like,
"You guys better study harder for this sem because it's way harder than the previous one. I've seen the questions and oh, they've really made it harder. I don't mind if you want to skip my lessons, I'll even mark your attendance for you, but you will fail without a doubt."

But sounded to me like


So well. I actually wanted to revise a little, but my brain juices are totally wrenched out by the witches in my school, so... I'll see what I can do.

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