11:11:11AM 11-11-11
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today is a special day.

This exact moment is magical,
miracles could happen.

Of course I didn't go school today.Why would anyone? Oh wait, A levels. Hah! Suckers~ But yeah, I didn't wanna go school on such a nice day. I wanted to go at first, but then, the magical moment of today wouldn't come for another hundred years. I.. don't really think I'll live that long.

The thing is, I'm a geek. When I see such a number obviously I'll think of binary, and when you convert it,

You get 4095.
(to be exact it's 4096, cause you need to include the 0)

Which means, I get to make 4096 wishes. Yeah that's a lot. But if you think that, that's all you're going to get for the next 100 years! That seems pitifully small. Let's see, you get to make a wish every 8 days. Oh, okay that seems pretty great. (if it comes true, that is)

Now the thing is, I know that it's just bullshit, but for the sake of it, I'll make 5 wishes right now.


So that god, you have a choice to choose which one you want to grant me. It's kinda sad that everyone is throwing ridiculous wishes at you. So I'll wish for some really hard ones, and some really simple ones, so if you really exist, make the hard ones come true, heck, make ALL of it come true. So here goes.

I wish that:
1. The climate crisis could be solved
2. Everyone will become kinder
3. I can make more money than I can spend
4. Space travel will come true in my live time
5. The perfect one will come sooner than later

Okay I caught it, now for the main post.

To some people, it's just another day, it's just another moment, why bother? I mean yeah, that's exactly what my pragmatic side of me is saying, don't waste a day like this. This is no reason to skip school. What the fuck are you doing dude?

Here's why.
(a reference to Doctor Who)

I believe that everyone has a telepathic ability. No, not those crazy sci-fi show that you watch. But the latent brain power in everyone, since we're only using 10% of our brains at all time. And we all know that we emit brain waves, a very very faint one, weak, electromagnetic waves.

What if, all of these thoughts are synchronized at a certain time. What if, countries (can't say world due to the time difference) wished at the same time? I mean, it's a really unlikely scenario that anything could happen. However, the fact remains that something might happen.

Though I'm not a really optimistic person, I refuse to give up a chance that'll come by in a 100 years.

Anyway, I made all those wishes for a very simple reason, anyone that come true will make me happy.

1. The world will saved, literally, if this goes on our future generations are screwed.
2. This is obvious.
3. This is also quite obvious.
4. It'll be an important milestone in human history, I want to be there to witness it. I want to see the first contact with aliens. Yes, aliens exists, for sure.
5. Quite obvious as well.

Oh well, let's hope that today won't be too boring. I'm tired as hell btw.

(p.s. I noticed the typo and changed it)

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