Daily Photo #19 - Samsung Galaxy SII
Sunday, November 20, 2011

Samsung Galaxy SII

The awesome galaxy S2.

Finally got my hands on it after so many months. Before I get into the details, if you're thinking the image in the middle of the screen is some ridiculously artistic effect, let me spoil it for you. It's my fingers, holding the camera. Now, what is that white stuff on top of the camera/lens? That's the flash, now, why does the flash look like that? Because I diffused it using toilet paper.


Now moving on to the phone.

Original Galaxy S on the left, S2 on the right
I chose it over the Lumia 800 mainly because

1. It's available right now.
2. Android, my info is all synced up
3. It is more future proof (in terms of specs)
4. It has a larger display
5. Ice Cream Sandwich is out

I would say that number 2 is my main reason. I realized that it's really troublesome to migrate everything over. It's not too hard, but it's going to require quite a bit of effort to get everything synced up again. I also did a table last night on my awesome whiteboard listing down all the pros and cons, and after going through several times, yes. The S2 is my choice after all.

The interesting thing is this.

No unboxing video, fortunately.

The original Galaxy S box, is larger than the S2 even though the screen size is smaller. I must say, they have gotten pretty darn efficient at packing phones up, so much so that it's not very easy to open it.

I feel like my life is complete again. Though I might have lingering thoughts about the exquisite Lumia, I think I'm better off sticking with this great choice. Oh, it costs $368 with a 2year contract, yes, it's quite expensive, but I wouldn't mind spending a little extra on a device I'm spending 2 years with.

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