Daily Photo #10
Thursday, November 10, 2011

So.. we had a talk. Or exhibition? Or.. an event. Whatever you call it, we had to sit through 2.5hours of slide shows. Though the slides were well designed, the content just.. is kinda. Boring. At least to me, who is always kept on the edge of technology, anything that they wanted to "expose us to" is well, more or less old already.

When I said old, it could be just weeks, maybe 2 weeks ago, 1 month ago. But in the digital world, a month is almost a year. So many things happen in a month that even the most sophisticated invention is shadowed by all the future technologies.

There was a competition they mentioned that perked my interesting. Though, I really doubt that my friends will really join it with me. Oh well.

Oh, the thing I hated most about the talk is that it changed my 11am dismissal time to almost 6pm. That's 7hours wasted in school. Even though I may not have done anything else more productive at home, I would rather have rested at home, or continue to update my knowledge than to sit through this crap.

Oh well, all of this happened yesterday, now I have to find something for today.

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