Daily Photo #11 - Go Screw Yourself
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Uh.. yes it's a photo. Then photoshopped. I really have nothing to take a picture of. But it is technically a photo, because the background is my room. So.. well, if you've been over before you'll get it.

I have no idea why I chose those words as well, maybe I'm a little angsty, maybe I'm a little tired. Maybe I'm a little of both. But today was a pretty short day. So it shouldn't be that bad, wasted my day in school though. And didn't do anything useful when I get home either. With that, tomorrow comes Friday and I've officially wasted another week.

Oh, okay, now I remember. I chose those words for myself. Cause I'm quite annoyed at how much time I'm wasting. Though..you could say that I'm not really wasting my time since it's not like I'm really not doing anything at all. BUT. AIYA. Whatever, go screw yourself!

Also, for those who don't know, tomorrow is a really important day. (in a way)

11:11 11-11-11

Maybe I should do something special.

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