Daily Photo #13 - Downloads!
Saturday, November 12, 2011

Because I really don't have anything at all. Here's a picture of my download folder.
It's only holding the current season's anime. #justsaying

Oh, surprisingly it only takes up 80GB. I think I'm lagging behind on 1 week's worth of anime. I think, I'm getting sick of it. Okay, wait, before you jump up in joy that I've gotten over japanese cartoon, I have to say, when I said sick of it, I didn't mean,

"Man I don't wanna watch them anymore."

It's more of a, I don't wanna watch them as and when I can anymore. Like, I'll only watch dramas when I eat nowadays. Except for Hunter x Hunter, I'm not sure why I have a particular fondness for it.

It's like, if I wanted to watch an anime, I would find a time just to watch it. Like how you would find a time slot to watch a movie that you've downloaded. That kind of feeling. There's no more, I'm bored, let's watch something. I don't seem to want to watch anime when I'm bored anymore. I don't know, maybe it's value just got upgraded from a time waster to something I'll appreciate? That or that my passion just isn't that strong for it anymore.

I would still love to learn how to draw for it though! 

Okay, I should probably write a meaningful post sometime soon. It has been pretty nonsensical for the past few weeks. Not really sure on what to write on though.

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