Daily Photo #14 - I am so screwed
Monday, November 14, 2011

As you can see. I opened my phone completely, did not disconnect the internals as it will be a pain to put everything back. I was just checking for defects/etc. Things that I can easily fix. But. Hahhaha. I'm so screwed. Turns out, I can't.

There is something wrong with the USB connector. Cannot charge, cannot connect to computer. Now accidentally do smth wrong, also cannot boot up to main screen. epic fail.

I'm at a loss as the only way to save it is to solder some stuffs on it. And I reaaaally have no confidence in my soldering skills. So... sad to say, but I'll have to go send it for repair. No smart phoney stuffs for the next couple of days I guess! Sighhhh.

At least I tried.

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