Daily Photo #16 - Badminton mayhem!
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do the air walk!


That was an awesome shot of my friend. Really, I'm proud of myself and the 10fps mode on my camera. Though it takes a pretty long time to clear the buffer.

As I've said in the previous post, we went for badminton today at the Clementi Sports Hall. It was, pretty fun, played for 3hours straight. I took a couple of shots when I took a break. Let's see the whole of this action sequence shall we?

You have to agree that this was a pretty spectacular shot.

Clementi Sports Hall

Let's start with a nice shot of how the area looks like. Man I really missed table tennis.

Then, let's make those people smaller! 

Small people playing badminton

One of my favourite shots

I'm aching all over and I hope that tomorrow's school won't be too harsh on me. Anyway, time to close this up with the best shot.

You have to full size this image.

p.s. If you look carefully, you'll realize that he missed the shuttlecock after that brilliant jump. *troll*

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm making my life too hard by ensuring that the picture is taken on the day itself. I mean, I could just separate all these pictures into different posts. But then again, that would not make me awesome. As hard as this is, I shall continue being legend - wait for it...

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