Daily Photo #18 - Trusty Nokia
Saturday, November 19, 2011

Awesome NOKIA phone

This is the phone that I'm using now. It could last a week with normal usage. I used it for 3 days with about half the battery life left.

It feels weird looking at my dead Galaxy S. It seems like the heavens have set the odds against me. When I finally went to the shop to get my phone fixed, the shop just happened to be renovating. Thankfully it'll open again next week and I will be going to that same place again, so I guess it's not too bad.

All this time though, it makes me feel like getting a tablet. I mean, the Lumia won't be out till the end of December. I feel like a month without a proper mobile device will, really bring inconvenience to me. Here's my dilemma.

I could afford a Wifi version of iPad. But for an extra $200 I could get the 3G version. Which will be very useful. If you think about it as a 2 year thing, it's only $8.30 a month. However, if I get it, I would only have roughly $150 for next month, which means that I'll be in a really tight budget.

Which also means that, I would definitely not be able to change my phone. Which means that I'll probably have to wait for next year. Which, might be a good or bad thing. I know I'm being repetitive and annoying like a stupid bee buzzing at your ear, but I can't help it. I'm just a poor student receiving support from his parents. What to do?

Oh FYI, I will not ask my parents for it. No. 

The other thing is, if I wait for Apple to announce the iPad 3, it would probably bring the price down by roughly 200. But I'll have to wait another few months, roughly 4 at least. Which totally defeats the purpose of getting the iPad at this exact moment.

This would probably be the biggest purchase I'll ever made. It's only natural that I'm thinking for so long.

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