Daily Photo #22 - Blue Triangle
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Looking at the sky in school
My best shot yet with the new Galaxy S2. 

Yeah, I'm quite lazy to bring my camera out these few days. Cause, my bag's usually kinda full with shit and I don't wanna make it bloated.

I think this is getting boring. Everyday I complain that I don't have the time to blog because I'm too busy with different stuffs. I mean, what the fuck can I be so busy with? Let me just break it down for you so it's easier to understand why I'm always whining. It's not that I have any pressing matters to attend to, but it's kind of my routine.

When I get home, I turn on my com (yes, right away), and check all my social feeds. Scrolling through really quickly for any interesting videos or images. (only for fb). Then I'll settle all of them. This doesn't take very long.

Then, I would check out all my tech geek websites. Roughly 6 of them. This takes a rather long time. Because I will link here and there to learn different stuffs.

Then, I will open up all my anime/shows tabs to see if anything is released.

Then, I will quickly look around youtube, and other websites, and just scrounge the web for interesting videos. Watching them takes a while.

Then, I will look through the pictures that I've taken that day, provided that I've taken any.

Also, if anyone talked to me online, or if I talked to anyone online, it will slow down my entire routine.

All of these, and I haven't even watched any anime/shows yet. Only youtube vids and stuffs. Now, if I decide to watch anything, that's more or less it for the day. Else, I'll have the time like right now, to blog about whatever things that came into my life. Which, after this, I must follow it up with revision for the quiz tomorrow. 

NOW. I still haven't have my dinner. So, I'm hungry, tired, and short of time. Oh also, I usually reach home in the evenings these days.

Thankgod I finally sent my phone for repair. Oh well, still have more things to do. Farewell my fellow minions!

p.s. I think I should end all my posts with that from now on. Since I'm the Lord after all.

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