Daily Photo #25 - Wing Gundam Zero
Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wing Gundam Zero
This is my childhood idol. 

If I didn't remember wrongly. The first reason I used the nickname Zero, is because of this. Even now I'm still in love with it. It might be considered as simplistic now that all the newer generation Gundams are coming out, but I'm still in love with it.

Somehow I regret not getting a model of it. For 2 reasons.
  1. It's expen$ive
  2. I don't have anywhere to display it.

But I will get it one day. One day. I will get my hands on it. Or.. my birthday is not that far from now. You know. Just saying. GET THE HINT DAMMIT.

I took this a few days ago, there was this exhibition at Compass Point, it's probably gone by now. But it was fricking awesome! If you're wondering how I took this ridiculously awesome picture, well, it's edited to remove all the crap around it. Also, it's taken with my S2. Oh, I got the phone that day and took this picture at the same time. Great way to celebrate a new phone. 

More pictures after the break. 
Here's the original image.

Let me first say that, quite a lot of editing has gone into making the pictures more presentable. So, click on them, full screen it, and enjoy (:

ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom
My favourite

Death Scythe, my second fav after Zero when I was a kid

Gundam 00!

Strike Impulse!

Oh, I'm laggong in Gundam AGE. In the sense that I haven't watch it yet. Oh well, I'll watch it during the holidays.

Farewell my minions!

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