Daily Photo #4
Thursday, November 03, 2011

Model plane of... I forgot the model.
Yes, it's a staged shot today. Mainly because I have the time, the other part is that I didn't see anything interesting on the way home so I had no choice. (you might want to click on the image to see it in it's full glory)

This is a model plane.. that... I think... my dad bought for me when... hmm. I know he bought it for me. I forgot why, either my birthday or some willful wish of mine. Pretty sure I got it after an airshow of some sort. Yeah, I think so. Not the point of the picture though. Uh, done with a tripod and flash set on slow sync. The background is an image from my monitor. Here's a few other shots that didn't make the headline.

So today is another pretty boring day. My body is really aching like hell. Couldn't do any sudden movements, couldn't scratch my back. It's such a pain. Oh well. I should probably revise a little so that I'll have an easier time tomorrow.

Oh well.

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