Daily Photo #6
Saturday, November 05, 2011

Ready to fire! 

Well, I stayed home today so there really isn't anything that I can shoot. Same set up as last time. With another toy I found somewhere in the house. I think I'll just keep shooting toys on days I don't have anything good. Until I run out of toys, which will be pretty soon I guess.

There really isn't much to write about my day. Tried revising a little, that did not go well.

Oh wait, I just remembered I learnt something. Light source is so... damn important when shooting. LOL. I mean, I know that, but I've never really tried applying it, until today. The lighting for the tank is done using my phone, set to max brightness. Because.. I don't really have anything else for it.

That, and that I flashed my router. There really isn't much to write about it. Though, as the LordofGeek, I should probably mention it a little. I'm currently using a custom firmware called DD-WRT.

If you've never heard of it before, it's basically a replacement for the software inside your router. If you're not confident of unscrewing yourself, then you probably should leave this alone, cause my internet was down for about 10~15mins while I was configuring it, and I had a mini-panic attack inside of me. But being the LordofGeek along with all the schooling I have, I more or less figured it out.

Oh, the benefits? It comes with a lot of advance options that you probably won't use normally. Though it's really useful for geeks. For example, being able to Telnet to your router, and SSH into your home network. With more advanced QoS settings, DDNS settings, DHCP settings. Basically just unleashing the full potential your router (or rather, just giving you the access to stuffs you shouldn't tinker with unless you know what you're doing)

... Okay this is a shitty day. Peace out.

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