Movie: You're the apple of my eye. Stupid show.
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just watched this yesterday.

It was funny as hell. But it certainly lived up to it's NC16 rating. With lots of boners and fapping. Oh the fapping. Also gay sex and lots of porn references. It makes that so much better.

So, I hate the girl.

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Oh hell yeah I did.

I split the post due to spoilers. So don't read it unless you've watched it, or you don't plan to watch it.

I mean honestly, she's really cute, she is nice, but she's a bitch. I still can't get over what an ass she was to the guy. Here are the reasons why.

She liked him for a bloody long time, ever since the chair/textbook incident. He confessed to her countless of times, yet she gave no reply. Only after they graduate, and met up, went on date, blahblah, then she thought of saying, okay, you will say that the guy is stupid. But think about this.

There's a girl that you've liked for years, you've confessed to her many many times, but she has not given you a reply. You still go out as friends and all of that. You're dying to know the answer, but looking at it objectively, you know that you're in the friend zone and have no chance.

Don't give me the crap that the guy should've wanted an answer. She should've TOLD HIM YES. Not give that cute face she has been giving for the entire movie.

Then, they broke up because the guy hosted a fight competition. NO DISCUSSION, IT'S JUST, YOU'RE CHILDISH, YOU'RE STUPID, YOU'RE REALLY STUPID. The guy couldn't explain, the girl never explained. What, and you "broke up" over that? That's dumb, that's really dumb. Not even a phone call or anything? Besides, she totally should've chased after him. Like, come on, that's the time when you should do something.

Then, of all people, she HAS to get together with that guy. I don't give a shit if she's in a vulnerable position or what. That's bitchy.


And she HAD to reminisce about how he jio her when she break the news of her engagement to him. Seriously? It's totally like, "hey man, too bad, someone got me first".  Her reason for not getting together with him was also really bullshit. It's selfish and full of shit.

"When people get together, the magical feeling of being chased is lost."

... That is a line, that really makes me wanna slap her. I get the logic and all, BUT COME ON, IT'S YEARS. AND LIKE WHATTTT? Bitch.

The last part, the kissing, yes it's funny and all. BUT. SHE HAD TO TELL HIM TO STAY CHILDISH.

Okay, let me break it down for you in case you think that it had no other meaning whatsoever.
She had been calling him childish since forever.
He said that, he only chased after her for so long due to his childishness.
He kissed the groom in order to kiss the bride, she also called that childish.

And she told him to stay childish.

Really, what the fuck is wrong with her?

Overall though, I loved the movie. I think everyone could relate to it one way or another. However, if they wanted to portray the female lead as a bitch, they certainly achieved it with overwhelming success.

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