Only buy things that you will "wear out"
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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I recently read an article about how save money by choosing what you buy.

[thesimpledollar via lifehacker]

"To sum it up, instead of buying a premium product which you won't use often in fear of it wearing out; Get a product that you would use very often to the point of wearing out."

The reasoning behind it is fairly simple. Though I think that many of us forget about it when we go shopping.

Here's an extract from the original source.

First of all, I think it’s worth it to ask myself whether or not I’m going to completely wear out anything that I buy. I tend to do this really well with some things, such as clothing, but with other things, I tend to not do this as well (board games come to mind, although they take a lot of wear).
Of course, if you do that, how will you ever try anything new? I think the key is that when you realize you’re not going to use something extensively, you should sell it and roll it into something else.

This is really effective i think. For example, I think I did a fairly good job at buying things that I'll actually use. Even though, there are some items that regretfully, are left in the corner of my room.

For example, the tablet (wacom) that I bought, I still haven't made good use of it. I have a million excuses for not drawing on it but as it stands, it's definitely not earning it's worth. The other stuffs will be my colour pencils, or my markers, or the whiteboard right beside me. I use it from time to time, but not enough to justify the cost of it.

Maybe I should start using the things that I actually bought. I'm proud to say though, that almost all my electronics are thoroughly used. My phone, mini-speaker, mouse, laptop, speakers, monitor, cables, hard drives, router, camera, etc.

Definitely worth every penny. 

Oh, and my worn out clothes. (I have no money for clothes, that's a different story) Anyway, I hoped that this has been a good tip for your future expenditure!

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