Daily Photo #30 - Sick
Friday, December 02, 2011

Well, I woke up feeling fine, but the day got gradually shittier with time.

I feel like the virus is always like, 
"He has exams soon! Now's the time to attack!"

Seriously. Of all times. Why pick now to fall sick? Thankfully it isn't that bad. It should heal before the start of the exams. But as usual, it will mean that I will have a very shitty time studying for it.

This turned out to be a bad day because, I went out, had lunch, then fell sick, had to go home. Then I only manage to snap that mediocre picture. Then, this just so happens to be my 100th post. Oh, the agony!

On side note, my bro bought a new camera. So incredibly jealous. Ohhhh, the agony!!

Someone come make me happy! Oh well,
Farewell my minions.

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