Daily Photo #32 - Blumind
Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oh yeah, it's back to my hardcore studying again. Though.. it's not really that hardcore this time since there isn't that much to cover. I'm doing it by the skin of my teeth. I'm prepared for tomorrow, but not the day after. Then I also not prepared for the rest of the papers. Oh well, I'll see how it goes. 

And yeah, you can zoom in to see the words properly.

Now, I did it like last year? And I never got down to writing about the program I used.

It's called Blumind, basically it's a mind mapping software that's FREE. It's really small, like 2mb or less? And it works pretty darn well. It should satisfy all your mind mapping needs.

Though, it's not really that easy to create something like this. That said, I prefer doing this than writing notes and stuffs. For a good reason as well.

I HATE memorizing stuffs. Or rather, I'm really not good at it. I prefer to form links between different stuffs, know the meaning behind the words rather than the word itself. So I do phrase myself a little differently from how the textbook does and I might not get the answer totally right. But the important thing to me isn't really the score, I mean, yes it's important, but I'll rather understand whatever the fuck I'm actually studying.

Still, writing notes is an integral of a student's life. There's no way you can escape from it.

This is my way of making it interesting.
So, I would really like to know how you people study, but since people really don't bother commenting anyway, this question is moot.
Farewell my uncommenting minions! 

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