Daily Photo #33 - Chicken Chop Pasta
Wednesday, December 07, 2011

ooo that looks yummy~! 

Well, I was really hungry after my exams today. So we went to food court 4 for brunch!

I added egg, nuggets and harsh browns cause I'm fat. Nah, cause I didn't had breakfast and I was starving like a 100 year old virgin.

4 papers down.  1 to go! 

But it's the day after so I still have time to study. Which meant that I totally slacked when I reached home today. Maybe I'll revise a little later on cause I know absolutely nothing about that subject. I've gotten 2 of the scores already. Well, it's not bad? But it isn't good enough!

I got 75 for today's paper, and uh, 84 for Monday's. If you're thinking, what? How come so fast know?! That's because our papers for MST is online. Uh, MCQ. Which is why I said it isn't good enough! Still, I take comfort in knowing that at least I went for it.

I probably score 90+?; for the repeated module, I'm hoping 100, but well, give and take for human error I guess. Math was.. doable. Thanks to D for some last minute teaching, I could do most of it. Sure, there are questions that I'm really unsure of, but generally it was okay, except for 1 hard question that is definitely purposely set to screw with us.

So enough about exams. 

I was looking through Youtube about how to style my hair. I.. couldn't find any related to hair my length. Which kinda made me a little dejected but it's okay. Because I'm OKAY with the current style. On the other hand, I'm going to find some dye to self-dye during the holidays for sure. I'm not fond of this colour.

Well, I'll probably write something up later. For now it's time to eat!

Farewell my minions!

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