Daily Photo #37 - Holidays are upon us
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's finally the holidays!

Though I had to return to school for an important briefing, we had fun afterwards so it all cancels out. With some of the goodness as the remainder (:

The sad part is, I forgot to bring my camera out. But I was still happily snapping away with my Galaxy S2.
As the cliche saying goes

"The best camera is the one that's with you."

After the talk, we went over to Bugis, for KTV and dinner. Though we could not decide where to go at all in the beginning. We did finally manage to settle for one of the random KTVs around the area called


And honestly? Fuck that one.

First, the place smells like smoke when you enter, even though there are signs that says Do Not Smoke plastered all over the place. Then there was the problem with the service, or the place in general. It was shitty.

The first room that they gave us died out of the blue. Like the screen just suddenly went "No signal detected". We called them in, got a replacement room, and then I went out to complain that the aircon isn't turned on. They checked it and said, "Sorry it seems to have malfunction/spoilt." So we switch rooms again.

And all we got was a 30min extension. Come on, no free drinks/snacks?
The interesting thing is that it is pretty high tech for a stupid KTV room, touch screen with backlit keys.

Anyway, it's shitty and don't ever go there. It's located right across Bugis Junction.

It was bright and sunny when we went in, and pretty damn dark (the first image), when we came out. We were in there for about 3~4hours?

Anyway, we went to have steamboat / BBQ for dinner.

It looks pretty shitty but it tastes good! Crayfish

The chicken was really spicy

The buns are also spicy, with a tinge

fucking drunkards. No I wasn't the one who drank it

I don't know why people like this. It looks and tastes like...

The soup may look plain and boring but it tastes fucking awesome. Like, full of chicken herbalness awesome. Really. That's the best thing I liked about this place.

Shall not elaborate anymore because I'm really tired. I only had 3hours of sleep and woke up and couldn't sleep. Now it's 7am, I'm tired as hell and I'm going to bed.

Oh one more thing, I shall stop doing those short meaningless posts. Everyone of my posts from now on shall be, decent to a certain extent. Let's see how this new resolution goes.

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