Daily Photo #38 - Great weather
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hung out at K's house after lunch today, and manage to snap this pretty awesome shot. It's a really sunny day as you can see. I would've wanted to take more shots but well, didn't really think the shots will turn out this nicely.

Oh, the shots are taken by my Galaxy S2. I brought my Sony camera but I was too lazy to take it out.

I'm quite surprised that the exposure and white balance is handled pretty well by that little sensor. Anyway, we played Trine 2 for hours. Trying to beat the ridiculously hard levels.

Trine is basically a side scrolling action puzzle game. You control 3 characters to pass different puzzles in different levels, and you definitely need teamwork in order to get pass everything.

It's a really awesome game, we spent hours and hours trying to crack the levels when the first Trine came out 3 years ago. Now that the new version is out, we're all hard at work trying to clear it as soon as we could.

After that, we had dinner at a coffee shop nearby, uh, I have no idea what it's called in English, and I have no idea how to write the words in chinese as well. But it's zhi2 cha4. I've never written the word before so ... can't be faulted for it. It was pretty good, a little expensive but oh well, it's well worth it!

I realized that there are 2 things that I haven't updated on yet.

1. I'm going night cycling on Friday, so I'll probably be dead on Saturday. Here's the plan, cycle from Pasir Ris, to Mount Faber, then to Changi Village, then back to Pasir Ris. I swear, wtf is an understatement.

2. I bought an SSD (Solid State Drive). Basically, it's like the next generation hard drive. It's still really expensive but I had to have it.

It's many many times faster than a normal hard drive. However, it costs $265 for 120GB. If you simply get a normal hard drive, you could get 1TB(1000 GB) for less than $100. That's how expensive it is. Either way, I've already placed my order online and it's on it's way to my loving hands.

It'll arrive sometime right before Christmas so I guess this is Merry Christmas to myself (:

Farewell my minions!

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