Daily Photo #39 - Pasir Ris MRT Station
Friday, December 16, 2011

Pasir Ris MRT
Well, hung out at fat's house before going for dinner and walking all the way to Expo. The new mall that opened, named Changi City Point.

Click on image to view full screen.

Okay, first off, there are many more pictures that I'm not going to upload today because I'm not done editing / stitching them together. Also, I'm going for night cycling soon so I'm trying to rest as much as possible right now.

Okay, the other thing is, that image has already been compressed. It's roughly 2.1MP when I compressed it. The original image size is. 35.4MP.

Yeah, it really lags my computer when I'm putting them together and editing.

stay tune for the rest of this post and the cycling one. Because I have a 46MP image along with a few pretty stunning shots.

Farewell my minions!

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