Daily Photo #40 - Changi City Point
Saturday, December 17, 2011

35.4 Megapixels

So. We walked from Simei to Expo the other day. Because we're cool like that.

There was nothing much to write about because it was night and the shops were mostly closed, the mall itself isn't fully opened anyway. I managed to take a few pretty good shots anyway.

There's this pretty nice looking christmas tree which makes for a great picture.

As we enter the mall. We were greeted by a huge spacious hole in the middle. I mean, it looks really really cool, but on an island that's a spec on the map, I find it hard to understand why they would waste space like this.

But in order to capture the majestic feeling, I had to do a panorama. I did a few more, including the first picture. They are really huge. I'll include resolution in the caption.

30.4 Megapixels

46 Megapixels

It took quite a lot of effort to stitch them together and edit. My computer lagged like a bitch even when cropping.

So yes, full screen the images, don't waste my effort. (click on the image)

I was zooming here and there for the fun of it, and took some interesting shots.

There was this kid rolling around with a balloon

Oh a sneeze?

Nope a booger

Well, that was some skill photography on my part to shoot an old man digging his nose. That is a golden shot. You've gotta agree man.

After wasting sufficient time in an empty mall, we decided to head back and I had to take a couple more shots to show how spacious the area is.

18.6 Megapixels

25.5 Megapixels
When I was taking all these shots. I thought to myself, if I had just gotten a DSLR, I could just fit in a wide angle lens and take the shot without all the trouble, albeit the lower resolution but it's definitely more worth it. But well, I guess a little trouble here and there helps me to learn the post-processing better.

As we part our ways, I snapped 2 more shots that I liked.
Hopefully it portrayed what I wanted it to!

That's it for today! Stay tuned tomorrow for the awaited post of the prostitutes!

Farewell my minions!

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