Daily Photo #45 - Bowling and skating at ECP
Saturday, December 24, 2011

Super flare! 

Went with my skate mates to East Coast Park. It was raining practically the entire day today, so we bowled in the beginning. Without a doubt I kicked all of their asses.

Sadly this was the only picture I took since we were too busy shooting balls into the alley.

Fountain of drought
I have never seen this fountain operate before, ever.

After this we went to a void deck to skate cause it started raining, but then it got boring and we went back to ECP. No flattering pictures then so I shan't post any.

two gays touching each other

We started skating properly at last, rest of the pictures after the break!

Overcast sky after rain

a slightly better composition

I love the colours for this shot

move with speed!

It was really this dark and blue

Of course, we skated all the way to the Bedok jetty!

With great effort I saved this shot and gave it a retro look

Tried capturing the rain with minimal success

Leaving at last

We finally started to head back close to 8pm, raining and dark, awesome mood. Took a couple of wrong turns but we finally made it out! 

Unfortunately, one of them lost her slippers and had to go home bare footed. Oh well, you know what they say about this kind of situation?


There's nothing you can say you little prick. Let's just hope that she made it home safely! 

I then went with L to have dinner with R. Had plain, egg and cheese prata. Awesome combo. Though it's probably not really something healthy to eat right after exercising. But meh!

Oh, I just remembered to mention this. But all of the pictures today were taken with my phone, I forgot to bring my camera out. Now sit that with your jaw open because I'm 100% sure you thought I've taken them with my camera.

Farewell, and stay amazed my minions!

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