Daily Photo #46 - Cycling at ECP with rain and strangers
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Went cycling with 2 gay buddies. The others pangsehed. Eat this. Though the main point really was to take photos, I guess I manage to accomplish it. This is a super photo intensive post, so I'm probably too lazy to write a lot. Just click on and enjoy the photos (:

cute little doggy
it was a really crowded that day

Like a Bruce Lee

Captured this like a boss
another cute lil doggy

starting to rain

I really have no idea wtf he was doing

The cheer leader effect. Legs.
indians playing soccer
I think I captured this rather well, what do you think?

meh! DSLR

starting to get cloudy

strong winds! 

yeah lots of people


fishing like a terrorist

pretty much shot him in the face

my best shot of the day

Look mum am I pretty?

What cha looking at?

Let's go home

So yeah it was pretty fun shooting people for no reason at all. Some noticed, many didn't. Well.. not that it really matters to me either way.

There are many many other pictures but I doubt you'll want to look at anymore of those. So I'll slowly post them up when I have the time. (yes I saved a few legendary ones). There was rain, there was shine, there was rain and shine at the same time. There are still other pictures I'm not done with yet.

Well, I'm going to paint my room tomorrow. So.. we'll see how it goes. I'm really looking forward to New Year's Eve.

Let's see what pictures I'll be able to get, till then,
Farewell my minions!

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