Expanding on my theory of the Big Bang
Monday, December 19, 2011

I wrote my theory of how the universe began previously.
If you haven't read it yet, it's over here.

Note that it was simply something that I wanted to share at that moment. I realized that there are some parts that I left out which I only found when I read it again, and realize that everything made sense. It shouldn't make sense, the reality is way more complex than I can ever possibly imagine.

Here's why.

As I've said in the previous post, when something is observed, it becomes a reality, which is why anything is possible if it is not observed. Hence,

Anything that can happen, 
will happen, and has happened.

Which is basically my theory for what happened before the Big Bang. There was simply nothing, and since there was nothing to observe it, our universe simply "popped up" from no where. To put it simply, the moment you observe something, that something becomes reality.

Now, I also mentioned that the universe with nothing but space in it, and ours, which is filled with stars burning, can both exist at the same time.

However, since the unobserved universe is still there, it meant that it could spawn an infinite amount of universes.

Hence, the multiverse. And also parallel universes. Where everything could be the same as ours, just slightly different. Like, maybe the dodo bird isn't extinct, or Hitler took over the world. Up till now, I've been talking about universes. Which, basically, encompasses all of reality itself, but it's kind of a physical thing.

The thing about quantum physics is that every single action, every single decision we make will create it's own line of reality.

Imagine universes as bubbles, it could be of any size or shape, but since there's an infinite amount of it, there will definitely be ones that are similar to ours.
Now, imagine our actions as a branch inside the bubbles. Each action sprouts a new branch or reality itself, but it still within the bubble.

That is my version of the Unified Theory. 

The thing is, math and physics generally do not like infinity. Usually, when you have infinity in your answers, it means you're wrong. Because we cannot fathom the idea of infinity. Seriously, just think about it for a second, our brains just could not understand it.

Even so, I do believe that this theory manages to explain all of the stuffs that we can't understand. Of course, I can't put it into math equations, but the logic itself seems to work.

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