It feels good when you're right about something
Friday, December 09, 2011

Remember the post I wrote about the upcoming Tech revolution?

We're seeing it happen now.

It feels so orgasmic when you're right about something. Though I knew it's gonna happen all along, but seeing it happen just give you that taste of satisfaction. I talked about the UI redesigns, about how we're diverging from performance and focusing on Design and Ease of use.

Just within these few days, Facebook, Android, Google have all given their apps a UI overhaul. Here's some of the videos.

Unfortunately, Facebook didn't have a video, so here's a few screen shots.

As you can see, all their UI has undergone a huge face lift to make it much more modern and faster.

Also, for the Google currents, it's basically a remake from the RSS reader, Google Reader. Currently, it's only available in the US, but if you really want it, here's a link to the apk to install it. *wink*

What's interesting is that, all of it, is happening this week.

Facebook has also officially launched Timeline, a feature that allows you to basically record your entire life online. There was also a resign of the menu bar on top if you haven't noticed.

Twitter for Android also received an update in it's UI. It's much more functional and beautiful right now. There isn't really a video for it but there is a review. So you could take a look.

Everything that I mentioned is available right now. So what are you waiting for? Start updating your apps!

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