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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, after some tweaking and testing and uninstalling/installing all the crap, here's the video of the awesome boot up.

Sorry for the shitty quality since I used my phone and no tripod and Youtube compressed it.
But yeah, I'm really impressed by it so far.

One question remains though, is it really that useful?

Well... in my case, yes. However, for daily use.. not particularly. I mean, at least not at this price at capacity yet. (unless you're just using this as a boot disk, but then you'll probably need a desktop for that configuration)

Here's why, I save roughly 2 seconds from each application that I open (daily). So if you add it up for the entire day of computing use you'll probably shave a couple of minutes off your day. Is it worth the couple of minutes? That's up for you to decide.

However! If you're like me, who needs to use heavy applications like photoshop, lightroom, VMware, etc. It's great, it saves you 10seconds or more on each of these applications. Those could add up very quickly, it saves a lot of frustration waiting for the applications to load, and worse, the sluggish performance due to the bottleneck of your hard drive.

In conclusion, if you have spare cash, buy it. If you use content heavy applications, save and buy it. If you simply do your daily stuffs (youtube, emails, songs, games) well, it's probably a luxury and you can't afford it anyway.

p.s. It does help with the loading time of games, but once you're inside, unless you're playing MMORPG or games with really huge maps that needs to be loaded, you won't see much of a difference.

Tell me if your experience if you get an SSD! And as usual,
Farewell my minions!

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