Daily Photo #48 - Balloons galore
Tuesday, January 03, 2012


There were so many balloons 
we had trouble walking around in the room.

More balloons!

So what were we doing?

Well, I thought it was for the open house at first, but my classmate told me that it starts 2 days later. Then I realized that we were doing some publicity for a new opening (4th floor Colours) for our school's library.

We skated around the school giving out balloons to random school mates. Sadly I didn't take any photos during that time. Though there was a "supervisor" who was busy taking photos of us.

If she uploads to facebook or something I'll get one or two and post it up here.

On a random note, why the hell did they pick black balloons? 
p.s. I made all the kids jealous when I tied a balloon to my bag and brought it home. In your face little bitches.

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