Daily Photo #49 - Back to AHS for food
Monday, January 09, 2012

Welcome to my secondary school's canteen. It mostly didn't change except for 2 new round tables which... I guess are for the cool kids.

So why were we there?

Simply, to eat.

Yeah because we were broke and food is cheap there. Also, the weak security made it that much easier. I didn't take many pictures because well, I'll be a creeper if I did. Thankfully we went on a day where there was practically no one there.

Well, my friends were swimming before that. I did not, because.. I had school. DAMN. I did take a nice shot and it'll be a waste not to post it.

 So on to the food portion.

Chicken rice with a lot of extra. $2

24 Fried Wanton (all they had)

Chinese Kitchen with lots of extra, $2

Well, all of us ate 2 meals because we missed the food there so much! (yeah I was too engrossed in eating I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the food)

They also gave us extra because surprisingly, they still remember us somehow even though we graduated 3 years ago. I guess going to a store non-stop every single day does get them to remember you. Especially if you add in the random conversations we had with them during the times when they had nothing to do.

Well, those conversations usually take place after late after school. Sometimes when we sneak down to buy good. And sometimes when we skipped classes. You know. Cause we're cool like that.

So yeah, it was a really fun experience. Something that won't be possible anymore since all my friends are going to army soon.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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