Daily Photo #51 - My speakers
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yeah, it looks like a freaking bomb.

Because it is. BOOYAH!

 But yeah I really like how it looks. Remember when I told you I had a 4.2 sound system? Okay you probably don't. It's a long story why I had 2, but thing is I didn't want to leave one of it sitting around, it's a waste.

Yes, both of them are from Altec Lansing. I think it's pretty clear which is the better/lousier one. So here's the connector I used to connect both of them.

By using an audio splitter, I split the input audio into 2 streams for each speaker. Of course, it'll be softer because I didn't put an amp before it so the voltage isn't strong enough. No worries though, I'll just up the volume on both sides and sort of manually tune out the differences.

So what I have in the end is a 4.2 sound system that in reality is just 2.1 X 2.

Well, I was able to show the speakers like these because I was repainting my room. So I had to remove everything and blahblahblah. My house looks much better with a new splash of colours. Though my room disappointingly stayed the same. More about that some other day.

Later, my minions!

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