Daily Photo #53 - Looking out of SP
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taken with my phone.

I should really bring my camera out more often. But there really isn't much to take of when I'm in school. Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention in my previous post. I'm on schedule for my projects, for the first time. Pretty much done with everything except 2. The 2 hardest ones. But well, everything seems to be falling into place.

It's regrettable that I don't have time to watch animes. OR download them. Mainly due to the limited amount of space in my laptop. Oh well, I shall make it a point to download all the ones I've missed over the weekends.

Oh, tried doing a sunjar thingy with J, didn't quite work out the way we visualized it to be. So we have a challenge to see who will make a better one. I'll post a pic of whatever the hell it is when I'm done with it. Hmm, today's posts are kinda boring, oh well, better ones tomorrow.

Ciaos my minions~

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