Daily Photo #56 - Starbowl
Sunday, January 29, 2012

The eagle stance

Hiyah! My friend bowls like it's a kungfu movie

Well. I haven't been feeling well this couple of days, allergy, headaches, fatigue. I should be able to get the posts out today if I feel better. It's like 7AM right now. I woke up feeling really fresh, but I think it's wearing off and I need more sleep.

For the sake of randomness, here's another kungfu bowler.


The other random thing is this. I know I wrote about maturity before, but here's a new thought I had.

"As you grow older, you learn to withstand more shit, not because you can tolerate things more. But because you can see your goals more clearly, and understand that you have to work hard towards it."

That's the gist of everything. Don't feel like elaborating but you should know exactly what I meant.

There's just a couple of reasons why I came to that conclusion, more or less because of some videos I've been watching about child development and like studies about the similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Also I thought really hard about how I behaved in the past and yeah, it seems to tally.

Well, I guess all the sayings about working hard is true after all. And quotes from famous people is true as well.

You simply have to work for it. 
But that seems like the hardest part.

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