Happy New Year 2012
Sunday, January 01, 2012

That was literally the fireworks that I saw.

No seriously. Because we decided to celebrate it at East Coast Park. (man, how many times have I went there recently?)

Back to the "fireworks", they're not fireworks of course, they're actually flares fired off from the ships off the coast, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me. When 2012 finally arrived all the ships started honking(?) in cohesion.

It cannot be compared to the splendor we would've witnessed if we went to town, but since subtlety is our goal I'll say we achieved that pretty nicely.

Before I get too carried away, let me first wish everyone a

 Happy New Year!  

2012 came faster that I thought it would and very soon I'll be older by another year again, time just grips on my throat tighter and tighter each passing year.

I've been asking people around about their resolutions, but  maybe we're too old for new year resolutions, or maybe we know it doesn't work, but no one seems to have any. Of course, I could give an exhausting list of goals for 2012, but after thinking about it for awhile, I only have one.

1. Stop wasting time.

When I looked back every year, it's not that I didn't do anything significant to improve myself one way or another, but I waste too much time focusing on things that are not important to me. So here's to myself in the next 364 days, stop wasting my time, seriously.

Now I've gotten past the obligatory opening speech, here's what I did for count down to 2012


I went to ECP to skate with my CCA mate. Then met up with the others to have a "picnic".

Yes I know it's kind of retarded, but hey, there's always a first time and the idea didn't seem that bad to me at all.

I'm the type that hates crowds. I mean, normal crowds are bearable, but new year's? Fuck me.

The sea of warm slimy human bodies squeezing against each other, the hot stale air suffocating my lungs, the helplessness of trying to find an empty spot just so you could sit down. I'm over that man.

Screw the ridiculousness of the crowd. I'm all for the idea of a peaceful and calm celebration. It's a shame that we didn't get to see the sky exploding in rainbow colours, but it sure was nice listening to the calm swooshing of the waves.

There were people letting of a type of chinese lantern called "Kong3 Ming2 Deng1". Basically it's a lantern that with wishes written on it and set off into the sky like a mini hot air balloon. Well, it's a romantic way of making wishes. 

There are traditional ones

And the more modern ones

Even though it's illegal do it in Singapore, I guess we could close one eye on new year.

So as usual this is pretty much a last minute thing, but at least I managed to gather my friends from different cliques and got together. (it's a pretty long story)

Everyone was awkward at first but alcohol made it a lot better. It turned our deafening silence into a crazy whirlpool of fun and laughter.

Time passed quickly when you're giddy and a little high. Before we know it, the first rays of the sun lit our faces as we stared into the distant seas.

We could barely keep our eyelids from falling when we headed back home.
Sure, it was really exhausting.
But we sure had one hell of a great start for 2012.

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