I ended up celebrating my birthday after all
Sunday, January 08, 2012

Well, you know the types of people who don’t really celebrate stuffs because they don’t really see the point of it? I’m one of these people. I mean, it’s not like I hate it or anything, it just doesn’t seem compelling enough. Or maybe it’s the way I was brought up.

I mean like, to ask people to come and celebrate the birth of you is kinda, ehhh~

Still, like the saying goes, “If you expect too much, you’ll be disappointed. If you don’t expect anything, you’ll always be pleasantly surprised.”

This is one of the times that I was really pleasantly surprised.

My mum cooked quite a lot and I saw that it was good. Well, mainly due the the amount of chicken that was available. ^^






Well, that’s a lot for a person to cook within 2 hours. Seriously man, kudos to her skills as a chef.

Then came my surprise.

My primary school friends came at 8~9pm with… small… cup cakes? I really have no idea what it is but it’s delicious as hell.


It was really sweet of them to do that, honest to my heart. There were 9 candles lighted up but yeah took it off when I took this shot.

Blessed is the word I’ll use when I saw  them walking through my front door, there’s 4 of them who I’ve been friends for over 12 years. That’s wayyyyyy more than half my life. (sadly due to my paranoia, I simply refuse to post pictures of them. more on my paranoia in another post)


I wonder how long it’s been since I had cake on my birthday.


I enjoyed quite a bit during the time of my birthday, I went out the day before, and the day after. Had buffet, played pool, went back to my secondary school, had pizza, had fun. (different days of course)

Well, I’m still pretty busy these days which explains the amount of posts. (even though I don’t feel busy but time just keeps running away from me). Supposed to go out today again, but well, decided to screw that idea, stay at home and do my work.

On the side note, I scored 70 for my math. Thanks to myself, and D. It isn’t good enough, but well, it’s a huge step forward compared to my previous scores ^^

That’s it for now!
Farewell my minions~

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