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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am really really tired these days.

I mean, to the point where I take naps. I'm not the type that takes naps, and that says a lot about how I'm feeling these weeks.

But for the first time, I'm not here only to whine. I think I'm doing pretty well so far for my new year's resolution. If you remember what it is, it's simply.

Stop wasting time.

Well, it's not that I have completely stopped wasting time, but I'm using it more wisely ever so slightly. And it's reflected on my recent grades. It's not that I'm a huge nerd or anything, but come on, it feels really good when you're actually scoring well.

On the random note, I'm taking this elective class called DIY PC which teaches you how to build a PC and like wire up the internals (easy peasy). But since it's a stupid class, we get to deal with ancient hardware. It proved to be interesting to me as a geek.

Booting up in DOS

This CD, was created at least 8 years ago. After all that time, it still works, you can still read magnetic data from it. You have to admit, this is some ingenious shit. 

It makes me happy when I was navigating through it, it brings back memories from when I was a really young kid, fucked up my com and got stuck in the black and white screen trying to figure my way out of this shit. So many years have passed since then. I should probably emulate and play with all the old software next time.

Well, I think the novelty of playing around with command-lines have worn off for me. I should really start learning how to make proper use of all this stuff. Note to self, keep going and you're golden.

Till I next see myself,
Adios minions~

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