Something I learn from having bad moods
Saturday, January 14, 2012

If you could tell from my posts or the lack thereof, I wasn't in the best of moods this week.

Maybe it was the amount of projects I'm having, maybe it's lack of sleep, maybe it's family/friends, maybe it's just a mood swing that lasted longer than usual. Either way, the end result is a unmotivated and lethargic me.

It ended being something that I said to my friend that made a lot of sense to me.
Everyone wishes that their lives were like a movie, filled with romance and action. Our mundane lives pale in comparison and everyday is just so bloody boring.

But I beg to differ. Our lives are way more interesting than movies but we just don't seem to feel it. If you think of your life as a school movie (cause it applies to me for the moment), we've had all the studying scene, we had the romance scene (be it fulfilled or one sided), we had the partying and getting screwed in exams scene, we had the slapped by life scene, we had the tear jerking graduation scene. I mean, if you just take out all the good parts from the past 4 years of your life, I'm sure it'll make a pretty damn good movie.

"I guess it's really true that in the end,
it's the little things in life that counts."  

Anyway, here are the little things that happened this week that made me feel better. Starting with this picture that I took just yesterday.

It's my Galaxy S, reflecting off my school and the sky. And yes I had to clean it pretty thoroughly. Of course, the beauty is one portion of the equation, here's the little thing that made it so much better.

Well, it wasn't my finger just to be clear.

So the other little things are like the revival of Tako Balls and Glutinous rice w/ meat in my school, which I love to eat.

Oh, and I scored pretty darn well for a so called "English" module. Because I didn't want to get slapped by my friends I kept the score a secret, if you're reading this, then my first paper was 79, and the 2nd was 94. Yes seriously, 94. IDKHTF I did that.

Oh, and I met with friends I haven't seen for a long time yesterday, played badminton and chilled at Long John Silver, HI-5ed the guy at the cashier and got an $8 coupon in total for LJS.

All of that, including a good sleep, made me feel really great when I woke up this morning. It doesn't feel as good as the days when I wake up and feel glad to be alive, but I'll take any little victories I can anytime.

"The moral of the story is, when you feel like shit, chances are you won't feel good miraculously. Just count the little blessings in your life and be glad you have them." 

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