This autistic girl made me realize something
Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watch it.

Autism is usually viewed as a disorder, and technically, it is. Though I have read up quite a bit about it, and also known a few in my life, I realize that they're not mentally retarded. It's hard to convince people of it but this video does it pretty well.

The thing is, autism is kind of a mutation in the synapses of our brains, which screws up the social interaction part of us. However, due to that slight difference, there are many autistic people who actually develop incredible skills. They're also known as savants.

Proof? Beethoven and Mozart. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin are also suspected of autism (though it's not confirmed because it doesn't have a name then, but the symptoms correlate)

It's like giving up social skills in return of a highly advanced function in your brain. They see the world very differently from us.

The famous people are only famous because they "retain enough social skills" and are given the chance to express themselves.

I truly believe that all autistic people are inherently intelligent. They just couldn't express themselves. I really believe that they are just minds trapped within a body that they cannot control.

"That's why you sometimes hear people describing them as tormented geniuses." 

Well, so here's the thing. We, the "normal" people have the ability to express ourselves out loud. Yet we usually don't, we keep shit bottled up inside of us until we burst, break down and get into a depression. We have a voice that could change the world, use it. 

I think that everyone views the world differently from others. We can be looking at the same image but we're definitely not interpreting it the same way. Which is why I like to shoot random pictures. It's simply me saying.

Can you see what I'm seeing?

I can't express what I feel in words, but what do you feel when you see this?

I guess the thing I realized is that, the friend you know, definitely isn't the person you think he is. It's impossible to convey our perception. But well, I'm sure we'll succeed if we just keep trying.

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