Daily Photo #58 - Marina Bay Sands
Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Swim off the edge?

As you can see, it is a beautiful view.

It's a stupid story how I ended up staying the night at MBS, Simply put, my friend had a room, but no one else. So being a nice guy I decided to just keep him company so that he wouldn't be weirded out by ghosts. Of course, it's also because he's been my friend for over 10years. Yes, another one, it's not surprising is it?

Well, the bed is large and comfortable. But it's annoying. Because without the blanket, it's too cold, but it's too warm under it. So I had a hell of a time trying to get to sleep.

Huge ass bed

We actually didn't do much. I came from a so called "farewell" gathering with my gay buddies, it was after 12 and I was tired as hell.

Here's the other thing, the bottles of water that they say are "complementary"? Do not drink them. I'm serious.

They're drugged.

I swear I'm honest, it makes you thirsty when you drink them. So it forces you to buy drinks from them. Seeing as how a coke costs 7bucks, you really don't want to mess with this shit.

I'm not lying.

The interesting part, of course, comes next morning when we had the opportunity to visit the sky garden.

Doesn't feel like Singapore to me

I don't get much chance to take shots like these so I didn't waste it.

The following image is to prove that I can take good random shots, not that I'm a creeper. Because if I am, I wouldn't post it up for the world to see.

Yes, there is no pretty girls at that moment.

Another attempt at taking pictures from an awesome angle.

After hanging around at the pool, we started heading back. Not before I manage to snap this baby. Oh yeah, the sun rise, shining upon my tiny little island.

My favourite shot of the day
From the 57th floor. Man, I wish I had a better camera.

Classic Singapore

After all that crap, I took this last closing shot, before I took a train to school for my lessons.

I was really tired. And here's why, I played basketball, then swam, then had pizza, then went MBS, didn't get a good sleep then went to school.

Okay upon checking my calendar, this happened on last sunday.

Last thursday, I went skating for my friend's birthday, then I went bowling on friday (I was supposed to go out again afterwards but I was too tired), then I went out again on Saturday and came back late, then Sunday again.

So yes, that's my reason for the lack of posts these couple of days. It's just physically impossible for me to post them.

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