Daily Photo #61 - Blue blue sky
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Today is a bright and sunny day.

It was taken at roughly 9~10am? Oh well, it's just a really beautiful sky. It's kind of a boring shot to me. But it's still beautiful nonetheless, so I decided to take it anyway.

The first shot was taken when I went out of class to toilet. (outside class)

Well, I took this outside the toilet. 

Then the bottom one is taken when I went back from toilet. Yeah, such a deep and profound meaning behind the wonderful shots.

I went to school with a pretty bad mood. But it got better over time, surprisingly. Mainly because I finally figured out the stupid ultrasonic ranger, managed to program everything and get everything to work in unison. Then I also finished writing my report for another module. Which means I'm only left with 1 more project!

I feel like I'm way more busy than I should be. Am I still wasting time? Oh well, let's just hope that it'll be a good weather again tomorrow! (In my case, good = bright&sunny, rainy. Overcast skies with grey clouds suck)

Here's hoping that everyone's day went well too,
Ciaos my minions!

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