Daily Photo #62 - Hello Kitty
Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Taken with SII

Well, in an attempt to study, we went to a mac's after a wasted trip to school.

My friend bought a happy meal because she loves hello kitties. Who doesn't like these white, fluffy, pinky, girlie, mouthless cats? To be honest I've never seen a show with it before. Like, how the hell did it come about?  It's been there for as long a I've known it. (like snoopy, where the hell?)

On the side note, I realize my old facebook account is never deleted even though I thought it would. Apparently it was only "deactivated" like, deactivated for more than a year. Seriously facebook, you need to start doing what your users say.

On the more important side, do you know that pictures that you've deleted from facebook from more than 3 years ago still exists in their servers? If someone had a direct link to the .jpg image, they could still access it.


FB said that they'll change that in the coming months, but well, for now live in the joyful knowledge that anyone could expose your dark hidden secrets if they had the link. Enjoy! 

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