Daily Photo #66 - Spectacular colours
Friday, February 17, 2012

Shot on my Galaxy SII

I am as impressed as you are. (click on the image)

I swear that one day I will run out of words to describe the photos. But yeah, I'm really really happy with this one.The colours of the sky just blends together perfectly in harmony.

This'll be another short one because I'm tired.

Well, I met up with the army boys, first time book out, met up, had dinner, chatted for quite a while. It was pretty interesting to hear stories from them. Sadly there isn't any ghost stories that would spook me out. We had Hei Sushi buffet, so I'm really stuffed right now.

Well, I think I still have a couple of shots. So I probably need to head out and get some more soon.

Later my minions~

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