Daily Photo #69 - 5 sided hexagon
Sunday, February 26, 2012

Topless 5 Ice Cream at Swensens

Happy Birthday J! 

It was my first time dining at Swensens. It wasn't bad, but well, it wasn't anything special I guess.I always had the notion that Swensens only sell ice cream. Did they started with ice cream and move on to food?

Well, either way, it was quite a retarded dinner. Thanks to all the fags who couldn't make it due to really lame reasons.

I had this retarded friend who thought that a hexagon was 5 sided. It's a pentagon you moron. Either way it was really funny talking random stuffs with him. He was telling me about how computers are going to take over the world, we're all going to be slaves to it and that he'll be like the freedom fighter.

Most of the time I was giving him this expression.

Anyway, S was there along with a random douche.

My friends, being fags obviously gave me these looks
Annoying couple giving me the look


Are you fucking kidding me?

Well, I'm sorry for making internal jokes. But oh well. Everything ended and we went home rather satisfied. At least we manage to catch up a little with each other's life.

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